Welcome to ruthiedarling.com – the online home for Ruthie Darling’s children’s books, “THE HOLE STORY,” “MIRANDA THE PANDA”, “MRS. LIBRA AND ZOEY ZEBRA”, and her newest release, “MOONBEAM.”

Ruthie has created a world of wonder for the child in all of us. She explores familiar topics and at the same time she introduces educational concepts.

Ruthie has welcomed the incredible illustrative talents of Tricia Capraro in her first two books and freelance artist Adam Devaney in her newest publications.

Join Ruthie and see what she has to share.  You can contact Ruthie directly if you wish to purchase a signed copy or copies of her educational and captivating books!

More About Ruthie

Ruthie Darling, author of “THE HOLE STORY,”  is about nothing/zero and spatial concepts. Her second children’s book, “MIRANDA THE PANDA,”  is about looking in other places when everything you need is right in front of you.  “MRS. LIBRA AND ZOEY ZEBRA,” is a charming story about “learning to accept and appreciate yourself for who you are.”  Her newest release, “MOONBEAM,” is about a unicorn who shares a special message for all: “It’s the way I was born.”  It is brilliantly illustrated by Adam Devaney and it is to Adam that she owes her everlasting thanks and appreciation for making Zoey and her mother, Mrs. Libra, as well as Moonbeam come alive!  Ms. Darling is a former elementary school teacher who has been inspired by children throughout her life.

HER MISSION: Empowering children and adults through the wonderful world of children’s literature!

More About Tricia Cottengaim

Tricia Cottengaim, a graduate of Cal State San Bernadino with a Bachelors of Arts in Painting, is currently pursuing her Elementary Education Teaching Credential. She loves creating art of any kind and has always admired the imagination of children.

More About Adam Devaney

Adam Devaney, a successful freelance illustrator, found his passion for drawing at the young age of 5.  Not only does his art bring smiles to faces, young and old alike, they also make any story Adam illustrates come beautifully alive!